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USFSG engages with many of the largest companies and financial institutions in America, specifically to assist in reducing merchant credit and debit card processing expenses. US Financial Services Group is a professional services and consulting group widely recognized as one of the top industry leaders. Do you think you know everything there is to know about credit card processing? We have built a business around what merchants and financial institutions don’t know. Regulatory changes, risk restrictions, credit issues, budget constraints, demographic shift and increased customer service demands are side effects of the current economic environment. USFSG delivers tactical merchant processing solutions that can be implemented quickly and provide long term sustainable results with no direct expense to our clients. The majority of large businesses process credit and debit card transactions with a very high level of aptitude with substantial investments in hardware, network and internal human capital. Notwithstanding best efforts, our client engagements demonstrate that approximately only 3% of businesses achieve 100% card processing efficiencies. Achieving the lowest processing expense requires more than negotiating the lowest rates and using least cost routing – it requires detailed tactical expertise. US Financial Services Group forms discreet partnerships with our clients and provides ala carte and / or end to end merchant solutions. High-Volume merchant processing accounts High-Risk merchant accounts, onshore solution for offshore processors Current processor and /or payment system cost analysis and optimization RFP and purchase guidance Interchange processing efficiencies, optimization and reduction Reserve reduction, chargeback insurance and chargeback management Contract review and billed rates comparison Prognosis of true cost of payment acceptance Payment acceptance process evaluation A through Z PCI / DSS Security, anti-fraud detection, data protection and forensics Payment gateway processing optimization Educational events and seminars To initiate a confidential engagement we highly recommend that you contact our staff to schedule a mutual exploratory conference call.
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