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Consulting Services

US Financial Services Group provides a consultative approach to lowering the cost of payment acceptance. Mature enterprise businesses can expect an average reduction of 10 to 30 basis points in processing expenses at the “interchange and network level” as a result of a typical engagement with no downside. Further measures can be deployed to generate additional savings depending on the clients existing processing infrastructure and business rules.

The short list below is just a few of the consulting services offered to merchants to reduce cost

of payment acceptance:

Validate and verify data points in the transaction stream prior to testing for interchange to identify best possible interchange rates for our clients. For example the reimbursement attribute for QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) must be set to “z”, or in a corporate card level II transaction we look at the account and insert “customer code number”. Verification of pre-qualification of every transaction at the best possible rates- requiring processors to bump that set of data up against all applicable interchange level BEFORE settling on the rate for our clients. Then we recommend passing those exact rates on. No “mid-qual” or downgrade penalties. Authenticate processor and gateway compliance with all association tables and edit 100% of the time, every time. We do not allow processors to pick and choose what regulations to input and which to ignore. Our experts insist that tables used by our clients are the most complete and up to date in the industry. USFSG understands interchange, and this understanding translates into real savings for our clients every day. We are able to assist “complex” clients in absolute maximization of their interchange advantage through creative consulting, training during setup and with ongoing business practice management. Contract and billing match verification to insure the correct contracted rate is what is being billed. Front line staff activities / process observation and recommendations to reduce errors, fraud and cost.